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Are You Feeling Stuck?

Hello Soul Family!

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, depressed? Do you feel that no matter what you do, you don’t gain anything? Do you feel your life is going nowhere?  Do you wonder what you are doing here?

If we are living our lives in the if only mode such as, if only I hadn’t driven that day, I would not have had that accident that killed the other driver, we are perpetuating this cycle.  Another form of self sabotage is pondering things that occurred in our present or past lives. Why was I abused, murdered, tortured?  Who did this?  We were all abused, murdered etc. It serves no purpose to ponder these things.

Everything that happens in our lives is/was a conscious choice on our part.  These are the contracts we committed/agreed to with ourselves and others before we came onto the Earth plane.  Some are very old contracts that we have completed but we are still holding onto because we are not aware they are finished or don’t know how to release.

Do you want to be unstuck?  Living your Life Purpose or Mission brings relief from these negative feelings and can change your life in a positive way.  The key is forgiving self and others. Then you must let go and let the Universe take over.

I love you all,

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