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11:11 2015

Hello Soul Family!

The 11 is a Master Number showing the connection between all that was, is or will be as brothers and sisters. The gifts are Protection and Right Use of Will.

When a Master Number is doubled 11:11 it becomes more powerful and allows us to connect energetically to the Divine in a NEW Way due to the New Grid I brought to the Planet in February. The Divine Qualities of the 11:11 are represented by the 7th Chakra. They are Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Freedom and Victory over ourselves.

All challenges will come up to be cleared on this day. Embrace them and place them in the Light. It is a day of clearing and rejoicing.

I am attaching my new meditation on Forgiveness. The most important person to forgive is yourself. Click here to download your copy.

The 11:11 is our connection to the Divine. With the Divine all is eternal and ongoing. Time is an artificial human idea. The reality is that there is no past, present and future. There is a natural order observed by the animals, birds, insects, ocean beings and indigenous tribes who still keep their ways. Many of our current experiences of war, rape, greed and inequality is related to our accepting that there is only linear time instead of viewing the past, present and future as one simultaneously connecting us ALL as ONE.

When we choose to not be bound by linear time, we can easily manifest our desires since we exist on all levels simultaneously.

Remember, look beyond the physical plane with its linear time to actualize your potential.

I love you all,

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