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Grandma Chandra’s teleseminars help you to raise your consciousness and clear obstacles so you can more easily manifest what you desire. Chandra will take you on a mental journey using sacred music while she works with your Higher Self on the other dimensions. During the teleseminar Chandra will help you to clear obstacles on your path to ascension.

You can still get all of the benefits of Gr. Chandra’s teleseminar through the recording. Since Gma is multidimensional, there is no difference in the journey she takes you on when you are on the call and the one she will take you on when you are listening to the recording.

Testimonial from a Participant in Gma's Teleseminars

The first week I joined the conference calls, Grandma worked on our crown Chakras to ensure we are only open to light energy. I felt reassurance and a sense of safety in the fact that Grandma provided some protection for us. THANK YOU!!! I felt much lighter after the clearing work Grandma did with me that day, more at peace and more joyful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~T.K., California

The following tips will help you get the most out of each teleseminar:

1. Each time you re-listen you will have a similar experience because Gma is multidimensional.

2. The music may fade in & out because of the high vibrational energy that Gma brings in.

3. Ask Gma to be with you as you take the journey. If you are new to this, you may or may not have an initial experience or remember much, but know Gma is working with you!