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$ 33

This MP3 will resolve the core issues that cause your headaches so you can be free from them once and for all. It takes you into your cellular memory to clear the source and release the energetic imprint. Gma's Audios... Click Here For Details

$ 33

This MP3 will bring the past, present and future together as one ball of swirling Light that engulfs you as you experience Youthing. This will embed your Youthing Code at a cellular level. Your Code will raise your Vibration and... Click Here For Details

$ 33

This MP3 will help connect you to your animal totems to open energetic pathways within you that bring forth wisdom and healing energy. Animals are advanced beings who are very connected to source energy. They have strong intuitions and highly... Click Here For Details

Gma's Audios Imprinted with Customized Codes & Frequencies 

Experience Grandma Chandra’s potent Energy, High Vibrational Codes and Other Dimensional Frequencies that are embedded in all of her powerful MP3s.  Gma’s audios make changes at the Cellular Level and will help you Resolve your Issues!

Each MP3 is 11 minutes in length and is encoded for you personally upon purchase.  As you evolve by working with the audio Gma will continually upgrade the codes and frequencies within the MP3 to continue to accelerate your ascension.

Watch an interview with Grandma Chandra where she answers questions about her “Customized MP3s”.

Note: All of my MP3s may need to be played multiple times to clear the issue. This number will vary from person to person depending on the severity of the situation. The minimum number of times to be played is 11. This could be consecutively or over several days or weeks whichever is convenient for you. It could take the physical body several days or weeks to accept the changes.

Check In with Gma

Contact Gma at once you have played the MP3 at least 11 times. Please use “Do I have Any Homework?” in the subject line. In the body of the email please include the title of the MP3 you are working with. Grandma will let you know if you need to continue listening to the audio or what your next step should be on your path to Ascension.

If you would like assistance click here to “Check In With Gma”.

Please use headphones to play all of my MP3s.

Warning do not play these MP3s while driving or operating any equipment. If you have a medical condition such as seizures, you should consult your doctor before using these MP3s. You alone are responsible for your health.